Agile and Design Thinkers Academy innovate using Low-Code solutions

design thinking

Partnership will help companies innovate faster and build digital products at least cost.  

The Design Thinkers Academy (DTA), a global organisation that delivers training programs in design thinking, service design and rapid innovation, has partnered with Agile to help customers innovate and speed up the delivery cycle of their digital initiatives.

This strategic partnership provides DTA with access to a suite of Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools (also known as Low-Code development platforms) for building digital products for their customers. These tools would either be used for prototyping and early customer testing; and in many cases become the final products (or production components) being used by those companies.

By using Low-Code development tools within the academy, customers will now be able to innovate through:

  • Seeing rapid results as Low-Code produces working applications in the same time frames as traditional paper based mock-ups
  • Easily modifying and changing application design allowing teams to easy iterate to the correct model
  • Getting faster feedback directly from end user testing groups through the built-in features of the Low-Code solutions

“Using Low-Code solutions, DTA can truly co-create digital products with our clients while everyone is still in the room, speeding the innovation cycle – something that typically astonishes corporate customers who usually expect long wait times from their corporate IT Departments” – Robert Bloom Design Thinking Academy, South Africa

This new partnership is a win-win as it gives clients access to cutting edge tools and exposes the Low-Code revolution to clients to see how they can operate at the speed of business.

To learn more about Low-Code please visit our Knowledge Base.


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