Difference between Automation & BPM

One area that we often get asked by customers is the difference between RPA and BPM. We have created the infographic below to highlight the differences: Contact us for more information on how to get started with your next RPA project.

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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

At its core, RPA is “robotic” software that you configure to capture and interpret the actions of existing applications used in your various business processes. Once RPA software has been “trained”, it can then automatically process transactions, manipulate data, trigger responses, and communicate with other systems. The technology is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for people to perform high-volume support, workflow and back-office processes, such as those found in finance, accounting, supply chain, customer service, and human resources. Using RPA Strategically We have identified specific repetitive processes where robotic software works most effectively. These use cases include: Dual […]

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Low-Code enables chaos

gloomy business outlook

While the benefits of Low-Code development platforms are being touted by vendors, there is a dark side that customers should be aware of when they adopt this approach for rapid apps development. By their nature Low-Code and visual design means that citizen developers can create numerous apps, fast. This, without intelligent governance can lead to a number of issues: A large number of applications needs to be maintained and managed Deployment of “spaghetti apps” where data is duplicated and not normalised Orphaned apps that are built and not used by any users Integration between systems are duplicated as they typically only extract “app relevant” information Depending on your chosen vendor, […]

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Agile and Design Thinkers Academy innovate using Low-Code solutions

design thinking

Partnership will help companies innovate faster and build digital products at least cost.   The Design Thinkers Academy (DTA), a global organisation that delivers training programs in design thinking, service design and rapid innovation, has partnered with Agile to help customers innovate and speed up the delivery cycle of their digital initiatives. This strategic partnership provides DTA with access to a suite of Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools (also known as Low-Code development platforms) for building digital products for their customers. These tools would either be used for prototyping and early customer testing; and in many cases become the final […]

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Why use Low-Code platforms?

We are often asked about the benefits of using Low-Code platforms for business applications, this infographic provides some of the key reasons. Of course it depends on your specific business needs and environment in which you are operating. For more information on Low-Code platforms be sure to visit our knowledge base.  

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