Low Code

Achieving “plug-and-play” agility

plug and play

Businesses are finding themselves in an environment that is rapidly changing, requiring leaders  to curtail cost whilst growing the business to engage stakeholders in a more connected context. To respond to this business climate – companies need to become more agile, so that they are able to rapidly adjust and iterate their business models, strategies and offers to keep up with demanding business conditions. It has long been acknowledged that traditional IT approaches and ERP systems, do not adequately equip business with the right tools to embrace and support the required change. In many cases, IT systems become inhibitors to […]

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Low-Code enables chaos

gloomy business outlook

While the benefits of Low-Code development platforms are being touted by vendors, there is a dark side that customers should be aware of when they adopt this approach for rapid apps development. By their nature Low-Code and visual design means that citizen developers can create numerous apps, fast. This, without intelligent governance can lead to a number of issues: A large number of applications needs to be maintained and managed Deployment of “spaghetti apps” where data is duplicated and not normalised Orphaned apps that are built and not used by any users Integration between systems are duplicated as they typically only extract “app relevant” information Depending on your chosen vendor, […]

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Why use Low-Code platforms?

We are often asked about the benefits of using Low-Code platforms for business applications, this infographic provides some of the key reasons. Of course it depends on your specific business needs and environment in which you are operating. For more information on Low-Code platforms be sure to visit our knowledge base.  

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