Renewable Energy Projects – Getting a grip on Document Control

Renewable energy

Most renewable energy projects involve multiple stakeholders and a large number of documents to be efficiently managed. The complexity and magnitude of renewable energy generation and storage technology requires structured, controlled processes to ensure that all documents and engineering drawings are accurate, reviewed, and approved before being released for construction. A single version of the (documentation) truth is required to keep project teams on the same page and to collaborate and communicate more effectively. Viewpoint for Projects can help with all these typical project challenges and ensure that all your renewable energy projects are delivered on time and within budget. The flexible […]

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How Collaborative is Your Project?


Viewpoint For Projects™ is a collaborative project management solution used to improve communications, workflow, mobility, and decision-making to meet the unique needs of customers performing large-scale projects in the manufacturing, mining, building, infrastructure and energy industries. What service/solution do you offer the construction industry? Designed to connect people, information, and processes, Viewpoint For Projects™ can help you save time and money, improve control, and reduce risk. Built on a common data environment, Viewpoint For Projects™ includes capabilities for document control, project communications, BIM and field mobility. Viewpoint For Field View™ is a cloud based and off-line mobile (available on Windows, […]

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